LAP Documents Required

Property Documents Salaried Self Employed
Possession Letter
Past Sale Deeds Chain (each transaction in respect of this property since first allotment)
House Tax Return/ Receipt
Approved Building Plan Case To Case
Application Form and KYC Salaried Self Employed
Application Form with photo and signed by Primary Borrower and Co-borrower(s)
Identity Proof of Primary Borrower and Co-borrower(s)
Residential Address proof of Primary Borrower and Co-borrower(s)
Age Proof of Primary Borrower and Co-borrower(s)
Office address-ownership/ lease / rent agreement/ utility bill
Income Proof Salaried Self Employed
Last 3 years, Form 16, last 6 months salary slip, last 6 months, bank account statement showing salary credit
Last 3 years ITR (self and business), profit and loss account, balance sheets certified/audited by a CA. Last 12 months bank account statement (self and business)
Certificate and Proof of Business Existence
Business Profile
Additional Documents for Loan Takeover / Transfer Salaried Self Employed
Loan statement (loan track) and list of property documents (LOD) in possession of existing lender
Last 12 months' statement of bank account from which loan EMI is paid